My Favourite Game by The Cardigans

Contrary to popular belief, the game most enjoyed by the members of The Cardigans is Travel Go, formerly known as Go — The International Travel Game.

Now, with most countries using the Euro, and quite a few using Second Life's Linden Dollar, playing Travel Go seems unthinkable. Much of the enjoyment of Travel Go came from manipulating the currencies of various silly countries, a job usually done by the lovely people at the CIA and MI6.

Nina Persson, lead singer of The Cardigans, plays games all day, every day. She likes chess, Cluedo, Shanghai, Connect-Four, Russian roulette, hopscotch and electioneering. In common with the other band members, her favourite game is Waddingtons' Travel Go. The word on the street is that when she looses her favourite game she gets very, very angry. On several occasions she has become so angry that she ordered air strikes on the Norwigian town of Roros in the Gauldalen region. We can now reveal, for the first time in a mildly amusing blog post(emphasis on the mild), that Persson recorded My Favourite Game as part of an anger management program.

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